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Trucks maintenance checklist

images (17)Regular maintenance will keep a truck running in top condition and help prevent accidents. The following is a checklist of several items that need to be regularly inspected in every truck to keep it running smoothly.

1. Tires
Properly inflated tires is one of the most important items on a trucks maintenance checklist. Over inflated tires are also a safety risk since they are more susceptible to blowing out. When inspecting tire pressure also look for cracks in the rims and wheels.

2. Brakes
Front brakes will last about 30,000 miles while rear brakes will last approximately 60,000. Generally, maintenance for brakes depends on how often they’re used. A truck on the highway may only use the brakes a few times a day while a refuse truck may brake over a hundred times each day.

3. Engine Belts
Belts that break while the vehicle is in motion can seriously damage the engine. Most owners’ manuals will give approximate times regarding how often belts should be changed or checked. Most belts should be checked about every 25,000 miles.

4. Steering
Steering can be just as crucial as braking when it comes to safety. The kind of steering a truck has will determine specific maintenance needs. A few things to keep in mind include having the steering column examined and checking power steering fluid.

5. Oil
When checking oil the truck should be parked on even ground and not on a slope. If checking the oil at operating temperature, the engine should be shut off for 10 to 15 minutes. Oil should be checked at least once a month, probably more often if a lot of miles are being put on the truck.

6. Battery
Keeping a battery well maintained is one of the best ways to keep from being towed. Batteries usually last about 3 to 4 years and often give no indication they’re about to die. It’s a good idea to keep the battery and the cables clean and corrosion-free. Always have the battery tested before an extensive trip.

7. Lights
Turn signals, headlights, and brake lights may not seem as important as some of the previous items, but can make a big difference regarding safety. There is special equipment now that can be used to make sure headlights are aimed correctly.

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Driving Tips for Off Road Trucks

download (7)Getting an off road truck and taking it for a drive can be fun and exciting but a person who’s not experienced at driving off road may find themselves in a dangerous situation. It is very easy to crash or damage one’s vehicle when driving off road as compared to driving on road. Due to this fact people should familiarize themselves with various safety tips and techniques before going off road in a truck. Understanding how to use off road trucks can save a person a lot of time, money, and potentially their life.

Understanding the Vehicle and Tires

When a person goes off road in a truck or otherwise, they should always make sure that they know just what their vehicle is capable of. Getting to a new type of terrain and then driving the truck across it to see if it can handle it isn’t a good idea. Terrain such as sand, snow, mud, and more are handled differently by different tires and different vehicles in general. Without a proper knowledge of what their truck is capable of many people end up getting stuck when trying to cross terrain such as this.

Thinking Ahead

Unlike roads which have predictable ends and turns, an off road environment can abruptly change. A path one is driving down can suddenly end due to trees, cliffs, ravines, and harsh terrain. Staying alert and thinking a head about the path one is on when driving off road is incredibly important and will help the driver to prevent any accidents that could easily be avoided just by paying attention. In some cases it may be necessary to actually stop the truck, get out, and survey the area to ensure that the path is clear ahead and that there will be no sudden surprises or changes in the terrain.

Driving Straight

While off road trucks can handle many types of terrain it is always important that the driver keep the truck driving straight, especially when going down a slope or hill. Trying to drive sideways when doing this is a recipe for disaster as it affects the truck’s weight distribution and can easily lead to rollover which can be deadly. This also means that before going down a slope the driver must be sure of his or her path so that he or she doesn’t need to make any sudden turns while going down it.

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Tow truck rules and regulations

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     All states have their own set of regulations for tow trucks. Whether it is moving a boat or just a trailer full of gear, there are different requirements in each state. However, the majority of states use similar sets of rules, so as long as a driver follows these rules and regulations while moving equipment, they should avoid any sort of problems with the local law enforcement agencies.

    For starters, the taillights on a trailer need to be operational, the same way the lights on a vehicle need to work properly. This is just a safety feature that ensures other drivers know what the driver of the vehicle is doing. Beyond this, the light above a license plate on the trailer needs to be lit, and there needs to be a license plate on the trailer itself.

    Many states are also going to require reflectors, turn signals and clearance lights on the trailers as well, although it is very important to check with the particular state to see what the exact requirements are when it comes to these. Some states also require a driver to carry certain safety equipment while driving. This can include flares and tie downs. Even if these are not required by the state, having them on hand is a good idea no matter what.Some states require trailer moving insurance. Now, it is important to look into what a current insurance policy covers.

     Many trucks are going to come with coverage that extends to equipment that is being moved. However, for vehicles that are not designed for moving, such as a car with an added moving bar, this is going to be extra. Regardless, the driver needs to check into this in order to make sure they are covered.Many states also have requirements for what lane cane be used by a vehicle towing a trailer or other secondary device.

     Towing in San Bernardino rule is that the driver needs to stay in the right lane whenever possible. While the left lane is suppose to be the passing lane, many vehicle motorists do not abide by these rules. It is even more important for a truck with an added trailer to follow through with these rules.Whenever a vehicle is able to connect or trailer or other device to the truck hitch, it is important to look into the specific state requirements in order to find out what sort of requirements there are for the vehicle.

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Secure your garden

Eight Easy Ways to Secure Your Garden


Most often people will think about security for the front of their homes. It is common to see lighting, fencing, and nicely landscaped shrubs in a front garden. However, the back garden is a more vulnerable point of entry for thieves. Here are eight easy ways to secure the garden and protect their home and belongings.

  • Install a 6 foot fence. Installing a 6 foot tall fence and adding a trellis at the top will deter most opportunists from scaling the fence. A trellis is easy to break and noisy, so most burglars would avoid climbing a fence that has this at the top.
  • Secure back gates with a sturdy lock. Alleyways are usually less populated than front walks if there is a back gate, be sure it can be secured with a deadbolt or lock and chain this will keep trespassers from using low traffic areas to gain entry to the garden. Also make sure that all side or back entry gates are at least the same height as the fence and are secured with bolts to the fence posts. Be certain that locks are positioned so that they cannot be reached from over the fence.
  • Use plantings as deterrents. Use natural deterrents around the perimeter of the property such as climbing rose bushes, Hawthorne or Holly. Thorns and spikes will deter most any opportunist criminal from passage into a garden.
  • Use gravel in the garden and on pathways, it is noisy when walked upon and can serve as an alert of a trespasser in the garden.
  • Install security lighting near entry points of the home, garage, shed, and gates. Burglars prefer to remain unnoticed and bright lighting will act as a deterrent. To save energy install dusk to dawn lighting. These are low energy consumption products that turn on automatically at dusk and turn off automatically at dawn.
  • Keep the garden tidy. Keep ladders and wheelie bins inside a shed or garage to keep them from being used to scale fences or gain access to windows of the home.
  • Remove enticing objects. Keep expensive bicycles inside the home or garage. The same goes for expensive tools and equipment. If there is nothing lying around to entice a burglar chances are they won’t take a chance on gaining entry.
  • Finally don’t use barbed wire or broken glass on your fence as a deterrent. This can harm animals and the homeowner will be held legally responsible if a person is harmed by this material on their property.

Following these simple and easy steps will keep burglars at bay.

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Off road parts and accessories


People need to add off road parts and accessories to their cars when they realize that they need extra help on the road. Most cars are going to need these accessories so that they can operate more efficiently off road. The majority of cars are not made to go off road, and this means that it is hard for people to drive them off road if they do not already have all the tools that are needed for the vehicle. The best way to make sure that people are getting the most out of their cars to be sure to give them to tools and accessories that will work for their situation.

The Tools

Many people need extra tools so that they can repair their cars if they are out in the middle of nowhere. Most people are not sure what they are going to do when their cars break down, but these tools are going to make it much easier for these people to get the repairs done quickly when they are far off the grid.

The Accessories

Most cars that are driven off road need to have a number of different accessories that are going to help them get through all the problems they will encounter. There are mud flaps for many cars, and there are better tires for other cars. People can have differential locks installed on their car, or they can make sure that they have a new set of tires on the car in case the tires are damaged.

The same is true when people might be in a place where they could damage their wheel. Having a spare wheel and tire together is going to make it much easier for people to get their car back on the road if something happens.

The best way for someone to drive off road is to make sure that they are using all the tools and accessories they can find. Off road parts and accessories are often some of the best things that people can carry with them because they keep the car going when the car is off the road and in the middle of a remote location.

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locked keys under hood


To many people, it may seem improbable someone would actually lock their keys under their car hood. As others can attest to, it happens more than they might think. The driver opens the hood to check water level, or to find out what is wrong with the car, and places the keys in a convenient spot. A few minutes later, he slams the hood closed, only to realize the car keys he was holding in his hand are safely locked under the now closed car hood.

Locked keys under hood is not only something that occurs often, figuring out how to open a locked car door so the hood release can be activated and the keys retrieved are an even bigger problem.

Luckily, there are a few tricks that can be tried to unlock a car door without the use of the keys. Thus, allowing the locked keys under hood to be retrieved easily.

Can the hood be popped open without a hood release switch? — One thing some drivers are not aware of, not every car needs a hood release switch in order to get the hood open. Some older model cars simply require the hood to be firmly pushed down. This then activates a catch release, and the hood pops open.

Use a coat hanger or wire on the car window — An easy way to open a car door requires nothing more than a coat hanger or a sturdy piece of wire.

If using a coat hanger, unwind and manipulate it into the shape of a long piece of wire with a small hook on the end. If using a piece of wire, create the same tool.

Wiggle the wire tool into the interior of the car by pushing it in above the rubber seal at the top of the side door window, and then pushing the wire down into the car. It is then often possible to pull up the door lock button with the wire hook, thus unlocking the door and allowing access.

Activate hood release from under the car — On some car models, it is possible to see and access the cable running from the hood release switch inside the car to the release mechanism under the hood.

Lie on the ground on the driver’s side of the car, and look underneath the car to locate the cable. Using a coat hanger pull the hood release cable, and the mechanism will be activated.

Locked keys under hood doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. Not with one of these quick and easy solutions.

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Garden maintenance tips


With the winter coming up quickly it is important that gardeners know how to winterize and how to reopen when spring finally arrives. There are three easy steps to winterizing your garden that can help to protect and save your plants no matter how cold it gets. First, you want to prune back all your plants. Pruning does a few different things. First off, it helps to focus winter growth on the root system of the plant rather than on the leaves that are dying and that will not survive through the winter. By focusing growth on the roots, you can create a strong system that is ready to nourish and grow your plants when spring arrives.
Secondly, pruning helps to keep the plant alive by putting as much of it underground as possible. The less plant you have on the surface to freeze the better. Lastly, pruning helps to make it easier to cover and keep your plants protected when winter finally does arrive. The second step to winterizing your garden is to cover it well and insulate. The best insulation that you can buy is heavy mulch. This will keep your plants warm and keep the snow off of them when winter finally does arrive in full force. The last step is of course to cover your garden.
If you have plastic, sheets, or other items that can help keep the snow and frost off that is great. If you have a greenhouse that is even better. The main thing that kills plants during the winter is the frost. This means that the best way to keep your plants safe is to keep them from freezing. If you keep them cut short so that the roots grow strong and so that they do not freeze you can be sure your plants will make it through the season.
To reopen, you then want to prune back any dead that has accumulated during the winter, move back the mulch, and figure out your watering schedule. When watering during the spring you want to be careful as spring is generally much wetter than other months and overwatering is just as hazardous as under watering. Make sure you water appropriately for your area, for your plants, and for the amount of rain you generally get in your area. If you work to keep your plants healthy during the winter, opening in the spring is far easier than you could ever imagine.

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Restoration hardware


Water Restoration

Water damage can be the result of numerous situations such as Mother Nature, plumbing leaks, or even water used to fight a fire. Many people believe that when the water has dried then they have no more worries, this is not true. The water from such occurrences can be harmful to your home or business. Services offered by are able to remove the harm caused by water exposure.

When your home or business is flooded with water, the water will most likely cause your walls, ceilings, and floors to be exposed to the water. If this water is not properly removed then many problems can occur within your property. Mold and mildew can appear due to water exposure. These funguses can decrease the amount of healthy air in your home or business. Mold and mildew can cause allergies and asthma to flare. With the help of water restoration services, your property will be free from any water damage and disinfected so that the air of your home or business will be safe.

Not only can water restoration help to provide healthier air inside your home or business it can help to preserve your property. When water is not properly removed from your walls, ceilings, floors, or furniture, it can severely damage these items. Water damage to walls, ceiling, and floors, can cause the wood or drywall to become weak. When this occurs, repairs will need to be done to your property to make sure that your walls, ceilings, and flood and sound and safe. Water in your carpet and furniture can cause these items to fade and become brittle, resulting in the items needing to be replaced. Preserve your property and its contents with water restoration, you will be able to save on future repair and replacement costs.

The services offered through can also help to remove unpleasant odors. Water that has not correctly been removed from your property can cause foul odors to develop. These odors cannot be masked with air freshener or candles because they exist within your walls, floors, and ceilings. To properly remove such odors or to prevent them from occurring, water restoration will be needed. Water restoration will be able to remove all signs of water exposure while also professionally deodorizing the areas that were damaged by water.

In the event that your home or business has been exposed to water make sure to contact a water restoration company. They will be able to preserve your property, increase the health of air, and also remove unpleasant smells that were caused by water exposure.

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home security tips

You will need to utilize the assistance on the forensic lock professional in case you are inside a place in which you have already been victimized by somebody breaking up in your house. You will find couple of methods to carry out getting a household lock professional. The very first approach is by obtaining your telephone opening up and reserve it towards the yellowish web page area.

You will have to discover the area entitles locksmith in Dallas solutions. An additional way to begin this is by using the web. Searching for lock professional solutions brings up lots of outcomes. Make sure to get into your condition and town or perhaps your zipcode in to the research so that you discover smiths which are nearby for you. Once you discover some outcomes, check out the advertisements. Most lock professional professionals will emphasize the assistance they provide in strong lettering using their amount and title.

Just contact a few of the figures and get when they provide the services you are searching for in the event that details are not existing. Numerous lock professional professionals provide 24 hr unexpected emergency solutions; you might need to keep your company name along with a contact back again amount. Or if perhaps your circumstances is immediate, try out among the other lock professional solutions outlined, if a person will not come back your contact quickly.

Generally, industrial lock professional professionals may also be outlined using the household advertisements. In case you are uncertain, just contact and get, although once more, the advertisement will usually emphasize the specific solutions. When the lock professional features a web site, you may even research to find out. There are frequently an array of details about their abilities and precisely which kind of securing techniques they can work together with in that case. Forensic lock professional professionals might be a small tougher to discover. They frequently function immediately with investigative companies. Speak with law enforcement official or insurance coverage investigator on your own situation if you think you require the lock professional solutions of the forensic professional to assist having a criminal activity which you have been a sufferer of. If the method was already sought, they will tell you.

There are many various lock professional businesses within the metro region which state to provide you with the highest quality services readily available. The issue is usually the services supplied drops properly lacking the guarantees they may have created. If you are stuck or looking for high quality protection, the very last thing you require would be to squander your time and effort on solutions which are not able to meet the guarantees they create. For this reason it is essential to search for specific specifications within the lock professional business you decide to give you services.

There are 2 major reasons the reason why you would require lock professional solutions at your house .. You might find your self secured from the house. Additionally, you might have just skilled a rest-in. You will want services which is certified, covered and bonded to ensure they are going to not result in any harm whilst assisting you to get into your house, if you discover your self secured from the house.

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mold testing kit walmart

Based on the kind of mold you happen to be working with, and where it is located, mold removal can be a straightforward or even tricky problem. Mildew can sometimes develop hidden locations, and before it can be removed it should be monitored through investigation or even mold testing. Usually it is behind surfaces, under carpets or even in other inaccessible locations, which makes the task of removing it that much more hard. Hire mold removal in Oakland CA for your problems.

When it is an especially dangerous form of mold then removing it is a job best left to specialists. Improper handling associated with black mold can cause the spores to be airborne, and possibly be breathed inside by you or a member of your family.

Prior to mold is easy to remove, the source of moisture that this mold thrives in must be stopped. Otherwise, the particular mold removal process is going to be within vain. Roof or plumbing leaks in many cases are at fault, these types of must be repaired. If the event was a flood, then the process would be to cut away the particular affected aspects of wallboard, carpet, paneling, and so forth The area must be dried using a dehumidifier or warmth resource.

The usage of powerful fans is not really encouraged since can lift the particular spores and spread all of them throughout the residence. If the way to obtain moisture is trust, the solution is far more complex, since this is a repeating problem which needs to be solved before the mold can be tackled. That can be an improperly updated air conditioning system that needs to be altered.

Numerous surface molds that develop showers and close to bathrooms can be handled easily with a simple bleach option or any amount of anti-mold products on the market. In the event the mold growth will be extensive, this is a wise decision to wear a respirator, preferably using a HEPA filtration, when working on the mold. Most commercial mold killer products are apply on types, after the application the actual mold should be clean, with care used not to breathe in the actual spores.

Stachybotrys, still is another make a difference. This mold is known as dangerous, as exposure to its spores has been recognized to cause serious respiratory problems for some, particularly those with a depressed immune system. This mildew grows mostly on cellulose type substance, including wood as well as wallboard, that attempting to thrives within a modern residence.

Mildew removal professionals treat dark mold as an environment hazard. When you are performing a cleanup, they will put on masks and sometimes full bio suits, and will generally organized plastic sheeting to prevent the spores through spreading. Wallboard, rug and paneling are often completely eliminated, and the staying wood studs are sprayed with a powerful substance agent. The mold is scrubbed off, and special vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are accustomed to tidy up the remaining residue. Sometimes, air purifiers are then work in the household for many days to wash up the air flow in the house.

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